About Architect Cheryl Ciecko's battle with mold

Knowledge of building design and construction is essential for finding solutions to complicated building problems, such as water damage and poor air quality.  

There is also a LOT of misinformation out there.

My 10 year old daughter was the first to experience migraine headaches and coughing fits. The symptoms were unexplainable until we discovered Aspergillus mold in our duct work. 

My husband later became very ill from an environmental exposure to mold under the cover of an outdoor ice rink. I began experiencing symptoms as well before finding even more mold caused by a plumbing leak in our home.

When we discovered the mold and the impact it was having on our whole family, I began doing a ton of research, educating myself even more on the topics of mold, air quality, moisture management, and building defects that could lead to mold.

We are all doing well, but it was a long and costly road to recovery. One I would like to help you avoid.

I’m sharing these resources here on the Blog, as well as providing courses and masterclasses for pros and homeowners who want to further their knowledge on safe air quality and mold avoidance.

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Cheryl has been a Guest Speaker and industry educator at many conferences geared for professionals over decades. With a track record of excellence, Cheryl has presented to thousands of building professionals, architects, engineers, university professors and code officials with outstanding reviews.

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and get on the fast track of finding concealed leaks & water damage.

When consulting with you and your building team, you get to take advantage of my technical resources regarding complex building topics , previously only available to professionals through conferences and group professional programs.