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Moisture Basics for A Mold Free Home 120


1. How does moisture affect building materials?

2. What is mold, the sources, and building steps that need to be taken to prevent mold.

3. What do Condensation, Musty smells, and pooling moisture mean?

WHEN: Oct 14th @ 1pm CST / 11am PST

  • Admission to the Live masterclass + Q&A Period 

  • The Video Replay to keep

  • PDF of Cheryl's Top 25 Building Defects

  • Optional AIA Credit for Professionals

Mold Cleaning Class.png


The steps that every homeowner should know to keep your home clean and MOLD-FREE.

We will be discussing cleaning steps, products, and specific areas of the home. 

Materials like carpet will also be discussed and how to clean safely if mold is present.

  • Common Q&A List answered by Cheryl


  • Includes Full How-To Section to REMOVE CARPET

Basics Of MoldSafe Building Masterclass.

  • PLUS the 30 MINUTE Q&A PERIOD with common questions answered

  • FOR A LIMITED TIME get it for $27 (Regular $42)


  • Join Architect Cheryl Ciecko, for this introductory "mini-course" on the basics of building a home, with mold prevention and moisture safety in mind.

  • Cheryl will discuss common building defects, plus the main areas home builders need to focus on to create a safe family dwelling for the long term.

  • Information shared will be of interest to anybody planning to have their home built as an informed customer, as well as building professionals and contractors.

Optimizing Moisture Meters.png


1. Why moisture meters are essential for construction and restoration evaluations along with how, when, and where to use them.

2. How materials including wood, drywall, concrete, masonry, and even materials with no published scale can be used to quality insight.

3. How to evaluate the impacts of humidity, climate, species, and material type in interpreting results.

  • Q&A Recorded with Ilene & Cheryl

  • REPLAY VIDEO to watch on your own schedule

  • Eligible for AIA Professional Credit



-The history of how essential oils came to be used for wellness.
-The science of how oils actually affect mold.
-The basics of using essential oils in a mold environment.
-Tips for using oils in your home for personal wellness.

NOW ONLY $19.00 (Normally $47.00)

  • Q&A PERIOD with common questions answered

  • 90 MINUTE VIDEO to watch on your own schedule


In this presentation, you will learn all of the moisture sources that affect buildings, Important fundamentals specific to wood materials, and the ways that water is transported. We cover my top building defects for those looking for moisture-producing flaws, with simple solutions to keep in mind for new builds and renovations.


This is an introductory webinar on the topic of mold, remediation and essential oil usage in buildings. This webinar presenter is Dr. Edward Close, PhD, PE, and author. Dr Close explains the science of how thieves oil affects mold, as well as how he came to create his protocol.

Hosted by Cheryl Ciecko, AIA, ALA.

Get an amazing deal on Video Presentations on topics like Moisture in Buildings, Mold, Remediation, Wellness and Indoor Air Quality. 

Normally $47 each, take a look at the bundles you can get with insight from respected experts in the industry.

Learn about the interplay between mold in buildings and the role of essential oils.



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Past program reviews and comments:

Ron Blank Conference, Chicago, IL - October 2016 - Dangerous Buildings: Why Moisture Matters

"Amazing and highly engaging speaker.  She actually got applauded and for good reason!"


"Excellent Speaker" 

CONSTRUCT 2013 Nashville, TN - Exceeding Expectations - Fire, Forests and the Future

"Cheryl should be asked to return"

"Clearly concise - very inspiring. Cheryl should be brought back and given a better timeframe!"


"Good topic!"

"Excellent, not just reading slides, Cheryl is a great speaker."

"The presentation actually exceeded my expectations - it was about more than the title implies - very well done!"

CONSTRUCT 2016 Austin, TX - Dangerous Buildings: Why Moisture Matters

"Excellent speaker and program"

"Great; very informative!"

"This was a great presentation!!"

"Best of show!"

"Great speaker; would love to see another presentation"

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