The Secret of Clean Air: The Truth About Air Purifiers and Mold

Buildings and Bodies are Different!

I keep seeing medical doctors promoting air filtration systems and other ‘remedies’ for toxic air quality and mold avoidance. This is unfortunate. Buildings are as complicated of a system as the human body. However, today’s buildings are a very different type of system. Medical doctors have no training in building science and are not the best source for advice related to sick buildings!

Functional medicine doctors often treat the whole body and look for the root cause of health issues, which are often toxin-related. We need their help with diagnosing problems related to our bodies. Your home, office, or even school may be sick or even toxic, but the root cause is moisture accumulation in tight buildings.

Building systems are much different than the body’s system and require a different kind of analysis and different expertise. Mold is an unintended consequence of the sustainability movement. Moisture and water damage must be discovered and the cause must be corrected. Then efforts to remove the mold and any other toxins affecting air quality can have a positive impact on health.

What’s the problem?

Relying on air purifiers is a bit like taking pain killers. While some symptoms may be reduced by using air purifiers initially, the water damage and mold will continue to grow. Ultimately, the health will decline despite air filtering systems. You need to attack the root cause. Find the water damage, mold and toxins, and remove them. Then correct all causes of why they were in the environment in the first place. 

No one knows it all – reach out for help!

Doctors do a great job focusing on medicine and the human body. If you think mold or other environmental toxins might be affecting you or your family, do not go to a medical doctor for building advice. Hire a qualified, licensed architect to deal with moisture management, building systems and building science to avoid water damage, mold and toxins affecting air quality.

Get your questions answered!

Cheryl Ciecko, AIA, ALA, LEED AP, is a licensed architect who helps homeowners and building professionals create safe homes through online education to prevent mold, water damage, and poor indoor air quality. You can find her video masterclasses, online programs, and education subscription options at .

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