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Cheryl Ciecko, AIA, ALA, LEED AP is a licensed architect who improves the health of people by helping them avoid toxin exposure in their buildings.  Cheryl also shares information on a variety of other potential toxin impacts affecting health, including food, products, water quality, and air quality.  Individual consulting is available upon request.


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Let Me Introduce Myself...

May 11, 2016




I'm Cheryl and I'm a licensed architect and a patient whose health has been affected by toxins. Along with my family, I have been affected by mold exposure, pesticides and heavy metals including lead, mercury, arsenic, as well as Lyme disease.  When a few doses of heavy stress have been added to the mix, things have gotten really bad.   This was not just once, but several times in the past 12 years. (Probably longer actually, but 2004 was when the tide turned for me and I could no longer deny our challenges...)  My immediate family members have been sick to various degrees over the years also, but we are now on a road to recovering our health completely.


'We' includes my husband, our four, mostly grown, 'children' and myself. Even the dog has been affected.  Our extended family has also been affected and not all recognize the dangers and consequences, despite the evidence.  So we are pretty normal, it seems!   The difference for us is that we have been able to use my professional expertise and analytical skills to find and finally resolve our toxin challenges.  We've spent way too much money on 'mold professionals' who weren't thorough enough.  I can help you avoid the scams to find the science and the value solutions we have discovered, without the mistakes we have already made.


While this path chose me more than the reverse, I am thankful for my family's healing journey. To pay it forward, my mission has become to educate both professionals and individual building owners on the complexities and consequences of water damage and mold problems along with helping to find the solutions to regain health, and a productive life.  Take control of your environment and join me on a journey to improved health and wellness!



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November 1, 2018

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