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Cheryl Ciecko, AIA, ALA, LEED AP is a licensed architect who improves the health of people by helping them avoid toxin exposure in their buildings.  Cheryl also shares information on a variety of other potential toxin impacts affecting health, including food, products, water quality, and air quality.  Individual consulting is available upon request.


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Essential Oils and Mold

May 28, 2016


Have you heard of the Bubonic Plague?  There's a story going back to that time, referencing herb vinegar solutions, which ultimately evolved into the essential oil blends that people have been using for many years to support health and wellness.   Many herbs and oils were used to during the time of the Bubonic Plague and have continued to be used throughout history for supporting health.


Essential oils are obtained by distillation of herbs. They have the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which they are extracted and their history goes back to biblical times. Wise men brought Jesus gold, but also Frankincense and Myrrh, which are essential oils you can buy today.  In 1992, Dr. Gary Young created an oil blend that was intended to support people's immune systems. As a student of both Dr. John R. Christopher, (possibly the most popular of pioneering US herbalists in history), and the famous French aromatherapy doctor, Jean Valnet (1920-1995), it made sense for Dr. Young to recall the Bubonic Plague stories. Thieves Oil was born.


I have been using essential oils to support my health, too.  Email me to learn more about the Thieves story and how essential oils might support your health journey and mold-remediation related challenges.


Or Click HERE for access to an informational pdf.






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