Mold Inspections and Building Science Services

  • Mold Inspections: Find building leaks, concealed water damage and toxic mold.  

  • Hire Mold Testing and Remediation: Get support and guidance to select and hire quality contractors for mold testing, remediation and guidance.  

  • Building Science based solutions: Determine 'best practice' design details for restoration and new construction.  

  • Save Money: Learn to evaluate and improve your own home, office or other building to avoid costly mistakes.  

  • Conquer Mold Illness: Restore health and the health of those you love through attention to details, education and insights.

  • Avoid mycotoxins and mold poisoning: Ensure you are breathing the cleanest indoor air possible and avoiding mold and toxins.

  • Discover symptoms of mold exposure, mold treatment plans, safe mold rememdies and more.

  • Avoid costly scams, mistakes and misinformation that can lead to further contamination and increased expense.

As a licensed architect with over 30 years experience, including personal mold and toxin-exposure experience, Cheryl educates and guides clients through decision-making, hiring, and trouble-shooting construction and building-related water damage challenges to avoid over-spending and health altering mistakes. Finding innovative solutions to complicated problems at the most affordable price is the goal.  Lack of planning is planning to fail.


While Cheryl is connected to many competent and well-educated professionals who you may consider as part of your restoration team, as an owner’s guide, your project and your goals are always her first priority.  Integrity, education and support are the foundation of Cheryl's work. Take advantage of her knowledge of 'best-practices, proper protocols and common mistakes to hire the best-qualified team members in your area for your project. If Cheryl doesn't know the answer, she can help you find someone who does, in a timely and expedient manner!


Ultimately, all decisions are yours…but make your decisions with knowledgeable and experienced support, guidance and research behind them.   

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Water Damage & Mold in Buildings

Environment Related Chronic Illness Support

*No selling! This is a science-based, fact and solution sharing group to support people dealing with water damage and mold and the resulting health challenges.

Water Damage, Mold & Health


Find the root cause of mold and water damage in your home, office or other building. Often moisture related damage and resulting toxins are completely concealed. Even highly experienced professionals can miss concealed mold and water damage. If adverse health symptoms persist, consider that concealed toxins may still be an issue. Cheryl Ciecko's expertise and research can help you find what others have missed.

New Construction & Remodeling


Once the source of damage is discovered, solutions are required to remediate and prevent repeat damage in the future. Solution development and coaching, review of drawings, details and solutions and second opinions are available services to expedite your learning and support your decision-making process. Scam artists and under-educated contractors are plentiful.  Protecting your health, your property and your pocketbook is the number one priority.

Speaking, Webinars, Events


AIA CES Continuing education courses available for licensed architects and engineers.  Seminars, presentations, online consultations and trainings are available for individuals, homeowners, companies, groups and project teams through webinars, web-meetings and in-person collaboration and presentations.  Take advantage of the most current resources and research with one-on-one support or through group events.  Speaking topics include sustainability, durability, moisture management, materials, fire and air quality.