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The internet makes it possible for determined individuals and professionals alike to educate themselves on countless topics. Know there is as much bad information, myths and misrepresentations as there is good knowledge being shared.  Always consider the source, check references and look at both sides of any discussion.  I highly recommend researching 'The dangers of (xxx)' for any material you intend to use, ingest or be exposed to in any way.  Know when you are reviewing a sales document vs. true science.  Know that if science doesn't ask the right questions, the right answers might not be possible.


These are resources that we recommend, although in many cases there may be small portions that we may not 100% endorse.  Contact us if you have any questions about research.  Please share any additional resources we might be missing to help others help

Here's some links that are helpful:

U.S. Household Products Database

The Scientific World Journal - Science of Mold article

Moldy Movie

Science Health Resources:

Effects of toxic exposure to molds and mycotoxins in building-related illnesses.


Alzheimer's Resources:

Inhalational Alzheimer's disease: an unrecognized and treatable epidemic

Different Brain Regions are Infected with Fungi in Alzheimer’s Disease

Mold inhalation, brain inflammation, and behavioral dysfunction

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