Cheryl’s Featured Appearances

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As a featured guest Cheryl discusses popular topics, answering the most commonly asked questions on building, mold, and keeping buildings safe.

Change The Air Foundation Summit

“Episode 26: Moisture Management”

I was honoured to take part in the Change The Air Foundation Summit as a speaker, featured beside other building and wellness advocates like Gwyneth Paltrow, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Will Cole, and others!

Thank you to Kendra Seymour for hosting this wonderful online event. Watch or listen now for my “Top 5 Tips For Homeowners on Moisture Management”.

Mold Matters Podcast

“Overlooked Mold & Water Damage Concerns”

This 2 Part podcast interview is hosted by Mike Adams and Jeremy Evans. Thank you so much for hosting me!

In Episodes 23 and 25 of the Mold Matters podcast, we discuss my history with buildings and my perspective on how to test properly for mold.

Home Building Hero Podcast

“Avoiding Water & Mold Problems In Your Home”

Design details, small mistakes, and lack of awareness by homeowners can add up to moisture issues in a home. These issues can turn into mold. 
Thank you to David Belman, President of Belman Homes for having me on Home Building Hero!

Building Science Friday

“Sick Buildings And Building Science”

Dave Cooper LIVE is an online talk show about the technology, innovation and evolution enabling us to Build It Better.

Thank you to with Dave Cooper and Mark BUILD SMALL CASITAS Wille for hosting this great discussion.

Interview With Shemane Nugent

Discussing Mold In Buildings

Join me for a discussion with International Healthy Living Ambassador; Shemane Nugent. Shemane and Ted’s own home, featured on MTV Cribs, developed a mold problem.

In this interview, I discuss my family’s mold experiences, how mold can easily become a problem in our modern homes, and how consumers can make the right choices in their homes and find the professionals who can help.

Eco-Friendly Homes Podcast

“How To Avoid Mold” Episode 25

Hosted by Madison Hopkins, Eco-Friendly Homes is for sustainably minded folk who want to reduce their carbon foot print on a large scale, the home! Madison shares tangible steps to reduce your home’s emissions, live healthier, save money and build community! 

In this episode I share common causes of mold and what homeowners can do about it. 

Wise Traditions Podcast

“Avoiding Mold” Episode 49

Presented by the Westin A. Price Foundation and hosted by Hilda Labrada Gore.

Do you have unexplained symptoms? In this episode we touch on Mold Illness, Mold Myths, and My Story, as I share how I came to specialize in mold and water damage.

Exposing Mold Podcast

Episode 16 “Addressing Water Damage and Mold”

On this episode of Exposing Mold, I join Kealy Severson, Erik Johnson, and Alicia Swamy to discuss the various ways homeowners can prevent mold in their homes, which experts can help them, and how to better educate themselves on the building defects that cause issues in the first place.

Building HVAC Science Podcast

Episode 82 “Avoiding Mold with Cheryl Ciecko”

Hosted by Bill Spohn. Join us as we discuss the importance of having safe indoor air quality and education for homeowners to be able to ask the right questions and choose HVAC companies and suitable systems for their homes. Thank you Bill for hosting! 

Ruan Living Podcast

Episode 59 “How Mold Can Affect Health & Home”

On this episode of Ruan Living Podcast, I join Sophia Ruan Gushee to discuss mold exposure and mitigation in home architecture. We also touch on my own healing journey, how to create “safe spaces” from mold, and other tips to avoid mold and dust accumulation in your home.

Thank you Sophia for hosting!

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