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Prevent MOLD and WATER DAMAGE while maintaining a home with SAFE INDOOR AIR QUALITY.


Learn The Building Basics YOU NEED TO KNOW with The Online Course For Mold-Aware Homeowners AND Building Pros!



“Before You Buy or Rent: Building Defects & Signs Of Mold”

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Building, Renovating, Remediating after water damage or mold...


Mold-aware and continuing your education to repair or produce safe buildings...


To talk to your builder, spot defects when choosing a home, and prevent mold...

Then “Building A Safe Home” is for you!

What Is The “Building A Safe Home” Course?

Building A Safe Home is a 6 UNIT ONLINE COURSE that you can complete at your own pace to learn the basics of building a mold-safe home and become a more informed homeowner or building professional.

What You Get From This Course


Have a better understanding of the building process to talk with your building team and make decisions.


Gain fundamental knowledge to understand risks and make choices to prevent mold and moisture problems.


Interact with other homeowners and building pros who value quality and safe building practices.

WHO is this course for? 

Can you take it if you don’t have building related education?

This course was created to cover the basics that EVERYONE building their own home should know. 

This includes both Homeowners AND Building Professionals who want to avoid costly issues with mold and water damage in their building projects.

You do not need any building-related education to take this course.

How The Course Works

Content is organized in


Each Unit contains several VIDEO LESSONS lead by architect; Cheryl Ciecko

Each Unit includes several video lessons with Cheryl presenting the information in a way that is accessible to both homeowners and building pros.

Supporting RESOURCE DOCUMENTS are included for further study

Access resources PDFs in every Unit to continue your own study and research. View, Download, and Print for reference during your project.

Live Class Discussion


Students can submit course questions in advance or during the discussion

Approximately every 6-8 Weeks, Cheryl hosts an exclusive course student Livestream to answer questions you have related to the content in the course.

Take part in the discussion or watch the replay if you can't make it

If you can't make it, submit questions in advance and listen to the answers anytime in the recording.

Join A Supportive 


Get support from Cheryl, her team, and the community

Ask questions, share and interact with other students who are building or continuing their education to create safe homes for the long-term.

Interact with students and access more shared resources

Meet Your Instructor



Cheryl creates her courses from vast experience and technical knowledge on complex building topics, previously only available through conferences and programs for professionals.

With a track record of excellence, Cheryl has presented to thousands of building professionals, architects, engineers, university professors and code officials with outstanding reviews.

She is a licensed architect with over 30 years of knowledge, research, and professional experience. Her past responsibilities include 5 years as Midwest Regional Director and Senior Technical Director for the wood industry in North America. 

Cheryl Ciecko Architect specializing in healthy buildings, water damage and mold prevention


There is a LOT of misinformation out there, in a world where there is no regulation for mold professionals. 

Knowledge of building design and construction is essential for finding solutions to complicated building problems, such as water damage and poor air quality.  

I’m sharing my experience by providing courses and masterclasses for pros and homeowners who want to further their knowledge on safe air quality and mold avoidance.

My 10 year old daughter was the first to experience migraine headaches and coughing fits. The symptoms were unexplainable until we discovered Aspergillus mold in our duct work. 

My husband later became very ill from an environmental exposure to mold under the cover of an outdoor ice rink. I began experiencing symptoms as well before finding even more mold caused by a plumbing leak in our home.

When we discovered the mold and the impact it was having on our whole family, I began doing a ton of research, educating myself even more on the topics of mold, air quality, moisture management, and building defects that could lead to mold.

We are all doing well, but it was a long and costly road to recovery from our mold experience. One I would like to help you avoid.

Chicago Build Conference
Construct Conference Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions


When Does The Course Take Place?  Do I need to attend classes?

A: You can start taking the course anytime! The content is entirely ONLINE, so you don’t have to worry about making it to classes or running out of time to finish the course.

Virtual Live Q&A discussions with Cheryl take place every 6-8 weeks, but you can submit questions in advance and watch the replays if you can’t attend.


How long will it take to complete?  I don’t have much time to study.

A: It takes approximately 1 hour to get through all the Video Lessons of a Unit.

We recommend taking the time to listen to at least 1 Lesson per day to get through everything in 6 Weeks. (About 15 minutes per day).

Many students listen to a few lessons per day to make their way through the course in a shorter time period, but you can do this on your own time, at the pace that works for you. 


Where are the lessons and how do I watch them? Do I need an internet connection?

A: All your course video lessons and PDF study materials are hosted inside our secure education content platform. 

You log in with your email and password from any device with an internet connection. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets, or even your mobile phone.

Upon enrollment, you get instant access as well as a welcome email with all the details. 


How long do I have access to the course for? Is there a deadline?

A: After purchase, you have Lifetime Access to the course lessons and materials. You don’t have to worry about running out of time to access the course.

If we ever change the platform or hosting we’re using for the course, you will receive new login details via email.

You also have 24/7 access to the existing private student group where you can find even more shared resources from your instructor; Cheryl Ciecko.


ENROLL and Login to access all material

Access the full course PLUS bonuses to complete at your own pace.

JOIN the Private Student Group

Upon enrollment, you receive a Welcome Email with a private link to join.

TAKE PART in ongoing Q&A Discussions

Every 6-8 weeks. Submit questions, join Live with Cheryl, or catch the replay.


What do the lessons cover?

UNIT 1: The Building Site

Site Selection Online Course How To Build A Safe Home

UNIT 2: Building Design

Home Building Design Online Course Building A Safe Home

UNIT 3: Foundations

House Foundations Online Course Building A Safe Home

UNIT 4: The Roof

The Roof Online Course Building A Safe Home

UNIT 5: Walls & Openings

Building A Safe Home Walls and Openings Online Course

UNIT 6: Contracts

Building Contracts Online Course Building A Safe Home
Get access to the entire course curriculum and student support group the moment you join




Building Defects & Signs Of Mold 3 PART CLASS

In this 3 PART VIDEO SERIES, Cheryl demonstrates how she reviews property listings before buying or renting. Learn to spot signs of mold, water damage, and building defects you need to watch out for.

Building Defects and Signs Of Mold. What to look for before your buy or rent
Over 90 Minutes Of Video lead by Cheryl Ciecko


FREE with enrollment


Building Fundamentals Masterclass

In this 1 HOUR MASTERCLASS, Cheryl reviews the most important factor in preventing mold and water damage; Moisture Management. Learn how problems start, how moisture behaves in buildings, and how homes are affected.

Moisture Matters Masterclass with Architect Cheryl Ciecko
1 HOUR of Video lead by Cheryl Ciecko


FREE with enrollment

3 Months Free DWI Membership

Dwell Well Institute Community + Lesson Vault

As a student of Building A Safe Home; you get 3 FREE MONTHS in the Dwell Well Institute Membership, including access to the Content Vault with over 60 Videos, plus the community group where Cheryl and the team are active! 

Join a community of mold-aware homeowners and pros, discuss your projects, post photos, and take part in the online discussion with Cheryl. 

Accessible on desktop or mobile device with the Mighty Networks App!

Dwell Well Education Community
Vault Of Over 60 Videos On Most-Requested Topics
Access The Interactive Private Community Group


3 MONTHS FREE with enrollment

What Are The Students Saying About It?

“I am so grateful to Cheryl for providing this course. We want our next house to be built using good principles of moisture management and now I feel better equipped to evaluate potential builders and their practices. I have a much better idea of what questions to ask and what to look for in a builder.”

– D.T.D (Student)

Avoiding Mold and Building Well with Architect Cheryl Ciecko

“Lots of information from a unique vantage point that is not offered anywhere else.”

Avoiding Mold and Building Well with Architect Cheryl Ciecko


“This course was very informative and made me think about a lot of the structural concerns in building a mold-free house.”

Avoiding Mold and Building Well with Architect Cheryl Ciecko

– Dianna

“It was such an eye-opening experience…just from the street, to see somebody’s home and see there could be potential for moisture issues…”

Listen to Ray's review of the course


Over $4500.00 In Value for only


A Message From Cheryl


Included With Your Enrollment


Each Unit Includes 1 HOUR or More of Video + PDF Resources

(OVER $2000 Value)


Interact with Cheryl, her team, and other course students

(EXCLUSIVE & Priceless!)


Submit questions and join class discussions with Cheryl

(Each a $297 Value)




Access over 15 Hours of Q&A class recordings

Each of those live course Q&A calls with Cheryl are recorded and uploaded to the course platform for you to listen to anytime! These sessions are filled with fantastic questions from students and detailed answers from Cheryl. 

(OVER $500 Value)


Full Masterclass + 3 Part Video Series for FREE

To help students gain a better understanding of the topics, Cheryl has included the 1 Hour Masterclass “Moisture Matters” and “Before You Buy Or Rent” 3 Part Video Series, with instant access upon enrollment.

(OVER $200 Value)

Over $4500.00 In Value

Enroll And Get Full Access Now For Only


More Questions

While we make sure we get to all course questions submitted to Cheryl for the Q&A Sessions, detailed questions on your specific situation would require an individual consultation. This is for everyone’s safety and allows Cheryl to take the steps of due diligence to provide the information you need. NOTE: Building A Safe Home Students can book consulting appointments with discounted “Existing Client” rates.

Due to the digital nature of the course materials, there are no refunds or exchanges on this program.

Yes! First off, you can still submit questions for the Q&A in advance of the event (students receive an invitation to submit questions in the week prior). Cheryl will answer all questions submitted in time for that Q&A session and take additional questions from any students who attend live. 

If you can’t watch Live and hear her answer to your questions, the video replay will be uploaded to the course content area within 48 hours after the event. 

Start learning from a building professional with decades of experience dealing with complex building issues and a track record of excellence.


HOPING you’re choosing the right building materials, or worrying if your hired team is mold-aware…

Gain the knowledge to ask the right questions and understand basic mold-aware building steps. 


SEARCHING for the answers all over the internet while trying to avoid misinformation and misplaced advice…

Learn with a respected industry leader who has dealt extensively with complex building issues.


WAITING for the rest of the industry to get caught up on the rise of mold and moisture issues in new homes…

Continue to update your own education to become mold aware and set a new standard.

Become part of our ever-growing student community, with a supportive education team and expert Instructor!

“We feel much better educated to start the building process. We are at the point where we could collaborate with an architect, negotiate with contractors, and effectively work with a team to build a safe house. “

– B.B (Student)

Avoiding Mold and Building Well with Architect Cheryl Ciecko

“We are building a home for my child who is mold sensitive and I learned so much that I have used with our builder. “

– AMY (Student)

Avoiding Mold and Building Well with Architect Cheryl Ciecko

Our next Class Q&A Discussion is coming up soon!


Finally, understand the process of planning a safe home with due diligence to avoid mold and moisture issues for the long term!

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