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Intro To Mold-Safe Building

Free 1 Hour Video Class

Get an overview of home building basics to avoid water damage, plus a list of questions to ask your builder.

Top 10 Signs Of Mold

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Could you have hidden mold? Get my Top 10 Signs Of Mold, my step-by-step moisture meter tile inspection TUTORIAL, plus my VIDEO on handling carpet safely in a moldy environment.


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Looking For A Safe, Mold-Free Home To Buy or Rent? Learn my top 5 tips in this video class PLUS a checklist of signs of mold to watch out for on your search.

Intro To Mold-Safe Building!

Learn the basics of Site Selection, Home Design, Foundations, The Roof, Walls and more!

This free guide is packed! Watch my 1 hour masterclass, plus 5 videos where I discuss the topics above, AND a checklist of questions for builders.

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Watch, listen, and learn! As a featured guest Cheryl discusses hot topics on building, mold, and keeping buildings safe.

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