You’ve found mold in your home…now what?!

Architect Cheryl Ciecko breaks down the first steps to take when you discover mold in your home or property to avoid wasting time and money.

While keeping yourself safe.

First Steps When You Find Mold

Learn The First Steps To Get Rid Of Mold SAFELY

Cheryl Ciecko Art Of Building Wellness

In This 90 Minute Video Masterclass

You will learn:

1. ALL ABOUT MOLD – What is it? What are the conditions for growth and the building materials that can be affected? How can building occupants be affected?

2. TESTING – What kind of testing is available? Are these tests valid or approved by officials? How can you detect hidden mold?

3. HIRING PROFESSIONALS – Who should be involved? How can you avoid wasting money? What questions should you ask when hiring?

4. CONTAINMENT AND SAFETY – How should you properly contain the area to avoid mold moving through your home? How can you protect yourself?

5. REMEDIATION OPTIONS – What are the common mold solutions out there? What are the common mistakes that people make when remediating?

90 Minutes Of Expert Guidance To Safely Get Rid Of Mold

Cheryl addresses common mistakes when dealing with mold, how to find the right company to help, and how to find the root source of your problem to prevent the return of mold. 

Avoid wasting time AND money by learning what you’re really dealing with, from a building professional who has been through mold remediation with her own family.


Hear From Your Instructor


Over 90 Minutes of Content with Architect; Cheryl Ciecko


Join Architect; Cheryl Ciecko for an in-depth masterclass you can watch or listen to, plus additional Q&A session answers you can watch anytime on your own schedule.


Cheryl is a licensed architect and industry educator providing strategies for professionals, building owners and individuals to better deal with water damage, mold and toxins in buildings. Her past responsibilities include 5 years as Midwest Regional Director and Senior Technical Director for the wood industry in North America.


Continue your own research with a full list of resources discussed in the presentation, including where you can find further mold guidelines and guidelines for hiring professionals.

First Steps When You Find Mold

Get Rid Of Mold In Your Home

Learn Safe Effective Steps To Take First When You Find Mold

ONLY $47



Knowledge of building design and construction is essential to find solutions to building problems involving water damage and poor air quality. Especially in a world where there is no regulation for mold professionals.

I am a licensed architect with over 30 years of knowledge, research and professional experience, offering proven design, construction and renovation solutions to solve building challenges economically.

My own family and I experienced mold and toxin exposure. It took our home and health years to recover from the effects and this has motivated me to help others avoid ending up in the same situation.

When consulting with you and your building team, you get to take advantage of my technical resources regarding complex building topics , previously only available to professionals through conferences and group professional programs.

Cheryl Ciecko Architect specializing in healthy buildings, water damage and mold prevention


There is approximately 100 minutes of video content, but you can take as much time as you need. With unlimited lifetime access, this masterclass is available to you anytime to complete on your own schedule. 


No, this basic how-to masterclass is suitable for anyone whether you are a homeowner, tenant, real estate investor, or a building pro! This information is vital for anybody who wants to understand a mold problem and to prioritize safety while preventing the spread of mold during cleaning and remediation.

This Masterclass includes over 90 Minutes of content with  Architect; Cheryl Ciecko, who is specialized in water damage, mold, and moisture building solutions. The masterclass is delivered in 1 video, PLUS Downloadable PDFs of resources discussed in the presentation.

Due to the digital nature of this online course, there are no refunds after purchase.

"I would highly recommend reading through Cheryl‘s website as well as purchasing her videos. I have been looking at real estate in Boston and there are an overwhelming number of water-damaged properties that I have seen. It’s so helpful to have someone point out potential problems, as well as to address what is fixable… And what is not."
Avoiding Mold and Building Well with Architect Cheryl Ciecko
"Cheryl Ciecko is the real deal! Detailed & Excellence combined...nothing like a woman taking on the architectural field with purpose! I'm a CIRS survivor and l look to her posts for guidance on building structures for mold prevention. "
Avoiding Mold and Building Well with Architect Cheryl Ciecko
"Cheryl has great attention to details and is highly knowledgeable about practical aspects of sustainability and architecture. Her presentation on "Dangerous Buildings; Why Moisture Matters" was one of the best, most informative presentations I have seen in a long time"
Avoiding Mold and Building Well with Architect Cheryl Ciecko


with unlimited lifetime access to watch on your own schedule!

First Steps When You Find Mold

Get Rid Of Mold In Your Home

Learn Safe Effective Steps To Take First When You Find Mold

ONLY $47

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