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A little more about me....

I'm a licensed architect, wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend and thought leader on health, the environment and the human experience. I enjoy turning complex problems into effective, and even beautiful, solutions. When I'm not researching mold or toxins and their connection to chronic illness, you'll find me juicing, blending or roasting my next meal...or soaking in sunshine, fresh air and dreaming up our next family adventure. 


 01  Can you help remotely?

Yes, I can help remotely!  I have been able to successfully make a difference and share insights using phone calls, FaceTime, Zoom web calls, Skype, and other tech that our current 'Jetsons' world allows.   I can see your home, office or other environment using your phone camera or computer camera.  You can also share photographs by email, which has often proven to be valuable for review as well.

 02  Can you help me find people to work with locally?​

I'm a networker at heart, so my large resource pool can be put to work for you.  I am also happy to assist in interviewing contractors and professionals that you are considering.  Don't make the expensive mistake of hiring the wrong person!  I know because I have hired them and I can help you avoid pitfalls by sharing my lessons learned. 


 03  How do I know if I have a mold problem?

If you've ever had water damage and the wet materials were not removed within 24-48 hours, there's a good chance you have mold.  Know that very toxic mold can be completely concealed!  Deep down, I'm a detective with extensive knowledge about how buildings are designed and built, and the mistakes that are commonly made. I put that knowledge to work to find the mold and hidden water damage.   Removing the toxic burden in your environment is often the first step towards health recovery.


 04  What if I rent and my landlord won't fix the problems?

Rental situations are very difficult.  Usually, the best choice is to move out.  I have lots of resources regarding laws, scientific articles, and codes to offer, which you can use to share with your landlord or even an attorney.  In most cases, though, it's best to save your health and get out.   If you need to stay in a potentially toxic environment, I can make suggestions that might help but know that those will be temporary fixes. Delaying action always carries risk!


 05  How do I know my health challenges are related to mold?

Any additional toxic burdens on the immune system will challenge the body, and most likely inhibit the potential for healing, regardless of the condition.   Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional regarding your individual condition.  It is very common to have to consult with many professionals to find the best care.

 06  Are you recommending the Aroma Pro or Aroma Ace?  

 Dr. Ed Close, Phd., PE. first did his research using the Aroma Pro.  Later, he found the TheraPro offered by Young Living at the time, to be also effective while also being easier to use.   The TheraPro was recommended through his book on the topic. 


Through my research to find solutions for people outside of the U.S. and Canada who have different electrical requirements, I found the Aroma Ace which has options and shipping worldwide.  After discussing this diffuser with technical support from the company that makes it, I learned that it was essentially the same as the TheraPro, which they also made but re-branded for Young Living.   Since the TheroPro is no longer available through Young Living, I recommend the Aroma Ace.

Dr. Close is currently researching the Aromalux which according to Dr. Close, has been redesigned by Young Living to meet his specifications.  A replacement nebulizer top is available for those who have purchased the Aromalux prior to the product changes.  I have not used or evaluated the Aromalux, nor have I found any information available through Young Living regarding the changes to its design.


 07  Can we use a nebulizer for crawl spaces/attics/ basements but also for general household uses? 


Yes, any nebulizer type diffuser can be used for general use.  Know that they do utilize large quantities of oil to run, however.  I use my nebulizer diffuser frequently in my home in addition to using it for 'fogging' type purposes.



 08  What is a nebulizer type diffuser?  


A nebulizer is a specific type of diffuser that uses the process of nebulization to achieve evaporation.

This process uses a specially designed jet nozzle which forces the breakdown of essential oils into very tiny particles and produces high velocity, pressurized air stream. The rate of evaporation is highly accelerated and occurs almost instantly.  


Some experts believe that a nebulizing diffuser is the best choice to avoid altering the chemical composition of the oils.  The oil’s molecules are broken down without separation of the mixture, producing a particulate size small enough for the lungs and body to absorb easily and quickly.  Often, nebulizers are used intermittently which is controlled by settings on the diffuser if provided by the manufacturer.


 09  Can we use the Aroma Pro or Aroma Ace in place of the water diffusers anywhere or with other oils in the home? 


Yes, you can use nebulizer type diffusers such as Aroma Pro or Aroma Ace anywhere and with other oils.  See the manufacturer's information to learn more. 


 10  Did Young Living discontinue the Therapro because they were concerned about safety? 

I am not aware of the reason why YL discontinued offering the Therapro for sale.   It is possible that Young Living may prefer to sell diffuser models exclusively since other products are sold exclusively through YL.  Since the Therapro was being manufactured and sold through other outlets under other names, perhaps the exclusiveness of the product was not in keeping with their business goals.  There are many possible business reasons, including the wholesale cost that affects any company's choices.  I am not aware of any safety concerns but always recommend purchasers do their own research regarding any product purchases.

 11  Should I use bleach for cleaning mold? 

No! Using bleach is a common myth but not a good idea. See this blog post for more - Bleach Blog Post  visit for more information.


Cleaning Options

For minor visible surface mold, consider using baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and vinegar.  A possible recipe is: 2 tablespoons of baking soda to a quart of water. Wipe with vinegar first (straight from the bottle), then follow with the baking soda mixture. I also like to use essential oil cleaners, which while a bit more expensive, seem effective over time as well.


Note: You cannot 'clean' deep-rooted mold; it must be removed. Always use proper protocols and take precautions around any suspected mold or bacteria sources.

 12  How do I submit a question? 

Use the form HERE to submit your question. While I may not be able to answer your question personally, I regularly post my readers' questions with my answers and resources here as well as in my blog posts. Look for a reply to address your question here soon!


For personalized assistance please request a phone consult. I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If I can't provide information, resources, and guidance to help you, I will refund your money. Try getting a doctor to offer that!

 13  How can essential oils be used in the remediation process?

I am using the protocols and recommendations of Dr. Edward Close, Ph.D. P.E., whom I also consult with regularly. His research is based on Young Living oils only, so that is what I have followed. Details such as oils, diffusers, timings, settings, spaces, and types of mold are important, according to the research. The research is available online through I have a wholesale account with YL, (which is the way to get the best prices).


If you need individual help, I offer to consult on Dr. Close’s protocol. For those who are new to YL, I offer to consult at no charge to those who register for a wholesale account using my enroller/sponsor number - #3243004, since I will earn a residual on purchases. Know that there is no additional fee to you, as the same residual is paid to anyone you purchase through. Buy oils in association with someone who can help! I’m happy to discuss this by phone. Just send me a note and I’ll call you back!

14  Young Living Membership Questions: 

  1. To become a member, is it just a one time cost of 160.00 (if I order the thieves starter kit)?   


Yes, the membership fee is a one time fee.   The THIEVES STARTER KIT is the best value for cleaning with Thieves Oil cleaner and other Thieves oil uses since the wholesale cost of the products included exceed both the Retail and Wholesale costs for individual purchases.  CLICK HERE to review the cost breakdown of the included products.  NOTE: Memberships will expire if the account is dormant for 12 months.  A minimum purchase of $50 every 12 months keeps the account open.  Contact Cheryl at if you have an older account that has expired. 

USE ENROLLER/SPONSOR NUMBER #3243004 to be a part of Cheryl Ciecko's Community.

  2. Is there any minimum dollar amounts of purchases that have to be made within a certain amount of time?


Memberships will expire if the account is dormant for 12 months.  A minimum purchase of $50 every 12 months keeps the account open.  No additional membership fees are required.


  3.  When placing orders, would I go to the Young Living website & is there a shipping charge on all orders.

Both Wholesale and Retail Members receive individual login information to purchase from YL directly and manage their own accounts.   There are shipping charges based on the time frame and carrier chosen by the account holder.  Essential Rewards Members receive discounted shipping, free products, and other benefits with a minimum monthly purchase agreement.  This additional membership is not required nor does it require any additional membership costs.  It can be canceled at any time.  Remember to spend bonus dollars earned before cancellation.  Contact Cheryl at for more information.


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