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My team and I at are frequently asked for information on building or wellness professionals who take mold, water damage, materials, and air quality seriously.

The following experts on this page have been featured guest speakers in Avoiding Mold Masterclasses and the Dwell Well Institute, sharing their vast knowledge and experience on these topics.

Mold-Aware Pros And Experts

Master Builder, Contractor, and Moisture Intrusion Specialist Bob Kelly

Bob Kelly

Master Carpenter, Inventor, Moisture Intrusion Specialist

COMPANY: WickRight Vapor Release Systems

Vented flashing, moisture intrusion repair diagnosis, repair planning, installation training and consulting on complex moisture intrusions issues.

Featured Building Masterclass Expert ➡️ HERE

Vito Moscato

HVAC Inspection, Maintenance & Restoration Specialist

COMPANY: Air Ducts Done Right

Residential and commercial air duct and vent cleaning service, providing repairs, replacements, sealing, as well as fan and coil cleaning. 

Featured Mold Masterclass Expert ➡️ HERE

R. David Sweet

Certified General Contractor (Class A), IICRC Master Water Restorer & Master Smoke Restorer

COMPANY: NextGen Restoration

Water damage restoration, mold removal, remediation, abatement or mitigation in the greater Tampa, Florida area. Master fire and smoke restorer.

Featured Building Masterclass Expert ➡️ HERE

Ilene Cohn Water Restoration Technician Delmhorst

Ilene Cohn

IICRC - WRT/ASD (Water Restoration Technician/Applied Structural Drying)

COMPANY: Delmhorst Instruments

Delmhorst has a wide variety of top-quality moisture detection tools, designing, manufacturing and marketing the highest quality moisture meters available on the market for a variety of industries.

Featured Mold Masterclass Expert ➡️ HERE

Architect Bacilia Macias

Bacilia Macias

Architect | Licensed in California and Oregon

COMPANY: Bacilia Macias Architecture

An advocate with your contractor and relevant city departments. She’ll help you navigate logistical and bureaucratic challenges to ensure the final project fulfills your vision while meeting regulatory guidelines.

Featured Dwell Well Institute Expert ➡️ HERE

John Neff of Total Moisture Control

John Neff

1st Principle at Total Moisture Control Inc.

COMPANY: Total Moisture Control Inc.

Seco 21 Resinous “Conditioner’s” for Concrete Waterproofing. Foundation and Above Grade Waterproofing, Drainage Systems, Crawlspace Remediation and Moisture Control.

(Professional contacts only please).

Featured Dwell Well Institute Expert ➡️ HERE

Corinne Segura Building Biology

Corinne Segura

Certified Building Biology Practitioner

COMPANY: My Chemical-Free House

My Chemical-Free Home is a guide to materials that apply to conventional houses, as well as unconventional homes like earthen houses, cabins, tiny houses and mobile homes.

Claire Boye-Doe Holistic Health Practitioner

Claire Boye-Doe

Holistic Health Practitioner

COMPANY: Gnosis Natural Health

Chicago’s alternative health resource. Advocates for your health and healing journey, providing organic and holistic solutions to achieving health and vitality.

Ray Pealer

Building Biology Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS)

COMPANY: EMR Safety Consulting

Expert EMF measurement services and solutions provided onsite throughout the United States as well as a remote consultation program. Determining levels of radiation affecting your home or business.

Dr. Edward Close PhD

Dr. Edward Close PhD

Environmental Engineering PhD, PE, Researcher, Author

COMPANY: Nature’s Mold RX

Co-author of Nature’s Mold Rx, the Non-Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold in which he detailed 20 Case Studies for an innovative, leading edge methodology for preventing and remediating mold that he pioneered.

(Dr. Close is mostly retired from taking essential oils clients. Cheryl can assist with Thieves oil consultation and suggests the book linked below.).

Featured Mold Masterclass Expert ➡️ HERE


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