Diffusers and Essential Oils

Essential Oil Diffuser avoid mold

Essential Oil Diffusers can be helpful before, after and during mold remediation.  In mold applications, only use waterless diffusers.  Dr. Edward R. Close, Phd, PE previously recommended the TheraPro Diffuser through Young Living. This diffuser has been discontinued through Young Living, however, it is still available from the original manufacturer.   

The Aroma Ace diffuser, purchased direct from the manufacturer, is essentially the diffuser recommended, with options for 12V units, for use anywhere in the world.  (The Aroma Pro Diffuser is also available, and is the original diffuser used by Dr. Close in his testing.  This diffuser is more difficult to use and for that reason NOT recommended. However, it is effective and a bit less expensive, if you don't mind the extra work.

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Research and history related to the Close Protocol for essential oil use with mold

Email cheryl@avoidingmold.com for more information on the costs and products used in the or download this free PDF.

Email cheryl@avoidingmold.com for research, history and details related to the Close Protocol for essential oils recommended for use as a part of mold removal.

Oil Diffuser for Mold

Aroma Ace Diffusers are sold worldwide, with a variety of electrical compatible units.

Purchase an Aroma Ace Diffuser

(For use outside of the U.S. - use the search bar to find "Aroma Ace 12V".  Then select the appropriate plug type or select 'Universal' version to use anywhere - scroll down to find it.)

NOTE:  This is an ATOMIZING DIFFUSER.  Go here and scroll down to order the voltage that works for your location.

Diffusers for mould world voltages

Purchase an Aroma Pro Diffuser - Search under "Atomizing Diffusers".

This is the original diffuser used in the Close Protocol testing.  There are pros and cons to using this diffuser, but it was found to be very effective.  Here is a summary of this diffuser.


Aroma Pro Diffuser for mold
Aroma Pro Diffuser prevent mold

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