Diffusing Essential Oils and Mold

How diffusing essential oils relates to mold remediation

Diffusers and essential oils can be helpful before, during and after remediation. The best diffusers for mold challenges do not use water, since water fuels the growth of mold.


I have had good experience with these two diffusers:

TheraPro by Young Living

Aroma Ace by Diffuser World

These are basically the same diffuser which develop a specific output that has been tested to be effective when used in mold contaminated environments. I personally use this model of diffuser for my home and family.

TheraPro is only available in the United States and only through Young Living. 

For free assistance with using this diffuser and Young Living Products please use my sponsor & enroller number: 3243004.

Purchase a TheraPro 

Aroma Ace has models to work well in most countries including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, Europe and the U.K.. Silencers, and larger capacity accessories for commercial or large residential projects are also available through Diffuser World. For free assistance with the use of the Aroma Ace and accessories, please use the link below.

Purchase an Aroma Ace


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