Dangers of EMFs and Wi-Fi

Power lines

In the state of Ilinois, there is currently a piece of legislation that is sitting on Governor Rauner’s desk that, if passed, will cause a MASSIVE increase in the electromagnetic exposure of the citizens of Illinois. Is this happening in your state as well? A vote needed by April 15th on an important bill which needs to be vetoed by Governor Rauner, may end up affecting the health of many residents. That bill is SB 1451. SB 1451 is a bill that would allow the Telecom Companies to place the equipment for the upcoming 5G network (currently we use 3G and 4G on our cell phones) on anything in the right of way (utility poles, street lamps).

A powerful radio frequency transmitter will be placed approximately every 10 homes for each network. Since there are 4 networks (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile), it is unknown if all 4 transmitters would be placed on the same pole or if there would be transmitters approximately every 2 homes. Currently, most homes are about 1000 – 6000 feet from a cell phone tower; if this bill is signed, your home could be as close as 10 – 200 feet from a powerful radio frequency transmitter. Whereas you can currently avoid most radiofrequency radiation by shutting off your wifi and/or having ComEd remove the smart meter from your home, you won’t be able to stop the radiation from these transmitters if this bill is signed.

If you or another family member becomes ill, you will not be able to get the transmitter removed. The 5G network will utilize many higher frequencies that have never before been used or tested for human safety. Current FCC safety guidelines are from 1996. In addition, FCC radio frequency safety limits are based upon the power density level that causes heating of human tissue, otherwise known as “thermal effects”. This recommended “safety” level doesn’t take into account non-thermal effects (ie breaching of the blood brain barrier, generation of reactive oxygen species, uptake of glucose by nerve cells) which occur at far lower levels.

There is an alternative

Instead of powerful radiofrequency transmitters, fiber optic cables can be used, resulting in significantly less data (radiofrequency) traveling through the air. In addition to the health risks, 5G (compared to fiber optics):

  • is more vulnerable to hackers
  • is less energy efficient (requires more power to operate the system)
  • poses a greater fire risk
  • might require massive tree cutting (what is happening in England). Michigan State Senator Colbert recently warned of the health risk of 5G (read here).

Senator Dianne Feinstein was warned of the security risk of 5G last month (read here).

Fiber has successfully been deployed in many places in the US and is cheapest (read here and here).  Lloyd’s of London won’t insure against health effects from electromagnetic fields and the industry as a whole cites the risk as high.

For Illinois Residents

One can only imagine what will happen to our health care costs if this bill is passed. Please contact the Governor to urge him to veto this bill and wait until studies have been done about the safety of this new class of radio frequencies before allowing the state-wide deployment to begin. The citizens of Illinois shouldn’t become the test subjects! Call or 312-814-2121 or 217-782-0244 or leave your opinion online here.

Under Subject: “Other Issues” Position: Oppose Comment: “Regarding SB 1451: Please veto SB 1451 (5G network)

The radiation needs to be tested for safety first. Please don’t allow the citizens of Illinois to be the test subjects.” or add in whatever else you would like to say. The California Governor vetoed a similar bill a few months ago (and New York, Maryland and Georgia have had theirs halted) but unfortunately bills in at least 13 other states have been signed due to lack of opposition.

Also, if you know of any other Government Official who might be interested in this information, please let them know. Feel free to share this information with others.

More on the Science of EMFs & 5G

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