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     Avoiding Water Damage, Mold and Toxins 

      Chronic Hope Network 

*No selling! These are science-based, fact and solution sharing groups to support people dealing

with water damage, mold, toxins and the resulting health challenges which are related.  Topics include mold (mould) illness symptoms, mold testing, health testing, mold remediation, mold treatment, mold rememdies.

Past program reviews and comments:

Ron Blank Conference, Chicago, IL - October 2016 - Dangerous Buildings: Why Moisture Matters

"Amazing and highly engaging speaker.  She actually got applauded and for good reason!"

"Excellent Speaker" 


CONSTRUCT 2013 Nashville, TN - Exceeding Expectations - Fire, Forests and the Future

"Cheryl should be asked to return"

"Clearly concise - very inspiring. Cheryl should be brought back and given a better timeframe!"

"Good topic!"

 "Excellent, not just reading slides, Cheryl is a great speaker."

"The presentation actually exceeded my expectations - it was about more than the title implies - very well done!"


CONSTRUCT 2016 Austin, TX - Dangerous Buildings: Why Moisture Matters

"Excellent speaker and program"

"Great; very informative!"

"This was a great presentation!!"

"Best of show!"

"Great speaker; would love to see another presentation"