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Learn How To Spot Building Defects, Signs Of Mold, and Water Damage BEFORE You Move In!


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WITH Cheryl Ciecko | Architect, FALA, LEED AP


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A HOMEOWNER or RENTER searching for a safe, mold-free home to live in...

IN REAL ESTATE looking for a solid investment without water damage or mold issues...


“BEFORE You Buy Or Rent” is for you!

WHO is this course for? 

Anybody who wants to avoid investing or moving into:

  • a mold disaster
  • costly structural issues
  • air quality that is unsafe to live in

Maybe you’ve been burned on a water damaged or moldy money-pit in the past. 

Maybe you are currently living in a home with terrible air quality and want to escape to a safe place to live.

Whatever the case, my goal for this presentation is to help you become a more informed homeowner, tenant, or investor,

The education in this program is made to help you avoid situations like this. With knowledge.

What You Get From This Course


Get Cheryl's tips to find a safe home to buy or rent as she addresses common concerns and questions on properties. Including what would be "Deal Breakers" for her and her own family.


Starting with a masterclass on common building defects, you get access to 3 video presentations, 1 HOUR EACH, plus a resource PDF with information on testing moisture levels.


Properties are reviewed with photo examples to show you what to watch out for when looking for a mold safe home. From the listing, to the interior, exterior and area of the property.



in your search for a mold-free home!

Before You Buy Or Rent

3 Hours Of Video Classes


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Knowledge of building design and construction is essential to find solutions to building problems involving water damage and poor air quality. Especially in a world where there is no regulation for mold professionals.

I am a licensed architect with over 30 years of knowledge, research and professional experience, offering proven design, construction and renovation solutions to solve building challenges economically.

My own family and I experienced mold and toxin exposure. It took our home and health years to recover from the effects and this has motivated me to help others avoid ending up in the same situation.

When consulting with you and your building team, you get to take advantage of my technical resources regarding complex building topics , previously only available to professionals through conferences and group professional programs.

Cheryl Ciecko Architect specializing in healthy buildings, water damage and mold prevention

What Are Students Saying?

“Lots of information from a unique vantage point that is not offered anywhere else.”

Avoiding Mold and Building Well with Architect Cheryl Ciecko


“I appreciate all the great info Cheryl makes available in a variety of formats — FB, webinars, blog, consult.”

Avoiding Mold and Building Well with Architect Cheryl Ciecko

– Sheena

“Loved it! Very informative and easy to understand.”

Avoiding Mold and Building Well with Architect Cheryl Ciecko

– Mary E.B

“Very pertinent to my situation while looking for a house.”

Avoiding Mold and Building Well with Architect Cheryl Ciecko

– Naomi

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Dwell Well Institute Education Subscription

The Dwell Well Institute is both a community and educational subscription for mold-aware homeowners and building pros! It’s interactive with Cheryl, her team, other members, and includes fresh video lessons and home maintenance checklists every month!

The New Educational Membership and Community for mold-aware homeowners and building pros
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Covering the MOST REQUESTED Building Topics

Mold Prevention, Household Toxin Avoidance, Building Material Reviews, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a completely self-paced online course – once you register, you will have access to the videos and PDFs. You decide when you start and when you finish.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like. 

After registration, you will have instant access to the course content in our private educational program platform. You will also receive a follow-up email from me with the login details for ongoing access. (Be sure to check your Spam/Promotion folders if you don’t see this in your inbox!). 

You can login to view the course content anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection, across any and all devices you own.

No. This is a self-guided course that you can access immediately after purchase. There is no individualized consulting included. Cheryl is available for consultations on her website at

Gain A Better Understanding Of What You’re Looking At

Learn to recognize a well-built home AND the signs of water damage and mold.

Unless you have prior building experience or related education, it’s difficult to know what BUILDING DEFECTS LOOK LIKE. 

That’s exactly what we’re going over in this course. 

It won’t turn you into and expert overnight, but… 

you will have a better chance of noticing common red flags BEFORE you buy or rent.

Learn the basics of a good property to help you on your search for a mold-free family home, office space, or real estate investment.

Over $1000.00 In Value for only




Cheryl Ciecko Art Of Building Wellness

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