Cheryl Ciecko & the Art of Building Wellness

Cheryl Ciecko, Inc. was founded as an integrative architectural wellness-consulting company to provide support, assistance, resources and insights to both professionals and individuals challenged by water damage and mold in buildings, resulting in possible health impacts for occupants. Cheryl offers her unique, professional experience along with extensive research, based on her personal and family's journey to conquer toxin challenges.  Avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes. Find resources and assistance as well as effective, safe solutions you need to meet your goals quickly and economically.


With a mission to create awareness, dispel myths, improve health and well-being and empower both professionals and building owners,  Cheryl is a one-stop source of knowledge, support, education. She offers solution strategies related to building science, indoor air quality, moisture management, mold avoidance, mold remediation, toxin avoidance, quality design and healthy living.

Services:  Homes or other buildings can be reviewed for water damage and mold potential issues remotely, very successfully. Due to the volume of requests, Cheryl had discovered that the best way for her to serve clients is Through remote consultations.  Using photos, and any other documents available such as building plans, test/inspection reports and sometimes video along with video or phone consultations,  Cheryl is able to discuss history, findings and solutions effectively, while also offering great value for her clients. 


Computer screens can be shared during video calls to discuss images which makes consultations very similar to sitting across the table from each other.   Know that high resolution building photos from simple cell phones today can freeze the moment in time, in a way that allows for closer inspection and isolation of slight variations and details which are often significant.   Video consultation has proven to be an excellent tool for providing insights, clarity and solutions that help clients resolve air quality issues completely.

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Don't waste time searching through information online when KNOWLEDGE is available! Get the expertise, quality resources and solutions to eliminate your water damage, mold and toxin challenges now.

Professional Experience / Speaking

Cheryl Ciecko is a licensed architect with more than more than 28 years of professional experience and professional continuing education.  Knowledge of building design and construction is essential for finding solutions to complicated building problems, such as water damage and poor air quality. With a Masters Degree in architecture along with a Bachelor's degree in architectural studies with High Honors, Cheryl's broad knowledge makes a difference in a world where there is no regulation for mold professionals. A world where 'professionals' are defined by the hours of courses they have taken instead of years of quality experience.

Cheryl Ciecko's past responsibilities include 5 years as Midwest Regional Director and Senior Technical Director for the wood industry in North America. Take advantage of her quality technical resources regarding complex building topics, previously only available to professionals through conferences and group professional programs for your individual project.

With a track record of excellence, Cheryl has presented to thousands of building professionals, architects, engineers, university professors and code officials with outstanding reviews. 

Solve Mold and Toxin Challenges Today!

Don't waste time reinventing the wheel in the complex world of erroneous buildings.  Get on the fast track for discovering water damage and concealed leaks. Hire quality contractors and solving your mold, bacteria, VOC and heavy metal and  toxin challenges. 


Enable your company, school or family to have building spaces that foster and support recovery from chronic illness.  Discover the art of building wellness by avoiding mold and toxins. Find solutions, productivity and success with the addition of experience and knowledge on your project team.

Contact Information
Cheryl Ciecko, ALA, AIA, LEED AP

Founder & President


A licensed architect and thought leader sharing solution strategies for professionals, building owners and individuals related to water damage, mold and toxins in buildings which affect health. With 30+ years of knowledge, research and experience, and motivated by a personal story of toxin exposure, Cheryl offers proven design, construction and renovation solutions to solve building challenges economically.


Cheryl brings tenacious research abilities, analytical thinking and her family story of recovery to the topic of environmental health, while also sharing her passion for design and construction solutions that make a difference. Cheryl is a frequent speaker at architecture and engineering conferences around the U.S. and  participates on the Board of Directors for Association of Licensed Architects - Illinois, and the American Lumber Standards Committee.


Based in the Chicago area, Cheryl has a B.S. in Architecture with High Honors from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, and a

Master of Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota- Minneapolis.